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About West Georgia Senior Partners Network

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We are a comprehensive network of professionals who serve the senior community and their adult children with a total well-being approach. Together, we cover over 20 different professions that serve the senior population here in West Georgia. As a team, we are better equipped to serve the senior community and connect to seniors and their families in providing community-based services, programs, and resources. We are a local network, providing education to the public and partner with local senior communities.

We cater to individuals aged 50 to 100, depending on the service. We serve adult children, grandchildren, or anyone who is in charge of the decision-making for their seniors.

West Georgia is your community network for all things senior care. With a collaboration of 20 professionals experienced in senior care, our goal is to serve our seniors and their families and provide community-based resources, services, and programs!

Our Mission Statement

West Georgia Senior Partners Network is committed to providing high-quality and easily-accessible senior care services, programs, and resources to the families and senior communities in West Georgia. As a senior care network, we strive to assist seniors and their loved ones with all their needs.

Our Vision Statement

West Georgia Senior Partners Network’s vision is to become the leading senior care network in Georgia and beyond, recognized for the comprehensive and well-coordinated services we offer to our clients.

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